Why I love photography

Capturing family moments has been so important to me since the birth of my two daughters ā€“ moments at home, a day at the beach, the pumpkin patch, wherever we went together; my wife would carefully add each new photo to a growing set of leather-bound albums. In the past few years I realized how much it meant to me to capture these precious moments, saving a memory forever as they progressed from toddlers to young adults as well as family gatherings and special events. I now wish to share that same joy with other families capturing those very special occasions.

About my photographic style

I usually keep my images very simple using visual elements to highlight the subject (selective focus, vignetting, brightness, color). Iā€™m comfortable working in both natural and studio lighting; either can achieve a beautiful image ā€“ there are examples of both on this website.

Contact Paul

please email me at: pstreit1@msn.com or

phone: four one five 309 4688

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